Counting down – 3 weeks to leave Bavaria

I can´t believe it – in only 3 weeks time I´m going to leave my hometown heading towards Rome.

This time I´m going to start my trip right at my home cycling along the wellknown Chiemsee and fall asleep in Bad Tölz and Füssen..
Here – where the famous castle Neuschwanstein is located – I´m going to take my first bikeshuttle over the Fernpass and the Reschenpass.
Using the old roman “street” called Via Claugia Augusta the city of Meran will be passed and I´ll use the Etschtal cyclepath wich is also very famous.
The Lago di Garda will be missed as I´m going to use the “pista ciclabile” above the valley of that lake.

Visiting Verona I will have a nice roll-down to Bologna having a closer look to that marvellous city. Here I´ll take the last shuttle – this time the train – to Florence.

I´d like to spend 2 nights or so here as there are already gone more than 10 years after my last visit – and this town is a highlight for sure!
Leaving the ancient town westwards along the river Arno I´d like to visit Vinci, Lucca and
Now I´ve reached to west coast of Italy and this will be more relaxing as there are many options to lay down in my hammock enjoying the sunset.

Finally I will visit Piombino, Orbetello and the hot springs of Saturnia. The Lago di Bolsena will be the last option to have a bath enjoying a campingsite as I´m know heading towards
Rome. Here I´ve booked already 2 nights and after exploring the first time this outstanding city I´m going to take the nighttrain back to Germany.

Looking forward to this great journey – if you got any ideas what to visit – just let me know!

Rome - the forum
Rome – the forum



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