The first night in the mountains

So let’s start my trip of 2016 – and this time I’ll begin my route from home…the last years I’ve been using the train or car to reach the starting point.

So a big wish was to go the lake Chiemsee with my travel equipment as this never happened before. And with a finally outstanding weather – after chold and rainy conditions in the last weeks.



Visiting some friends to say goodbye was also a great pleasure to start this journey and so I was cycling though ‘my’ woods.

The preparations for this trip was very – let’s say interesting. Two weeks before starting off good friends of mine strongly recommended me not to take the Reschenpass and also Lago di Bolsena as the way would be to steep.
Some of you will now think – what kind of traveller is this guy – well, with a recumbent bike and a trailer you’ve not the same opportunities like with a ‘ normal’ bike – but it got many advantages.


While cycling through the pre-alps I’ve met a couple from Lithuania and we talked about an hour or so. They’ve been cycling nearly Europe and also Arabic states – and I’ve got a tip to use my E-Werk more efficiently to recharge my batteries.

After that I made a rest at the river Inn and enjoyed my lunch.


So there where about 20 km left to cycle along the flat cyclepath – but in the end I had to climb up the hill to find my pension which I had booked.

A great Dinner and of course a good beer where the perfect end of this first day.
When most of the guests had gone a few folks with an accordion came along and played and sung – so this was a really funny finish.



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