Cycling down the valley

(Cycling day 4)

Here we go again to cycle down the ‘Grand canyon’ along the river Etsch… Okay, that’s a bit to much but it remember me of some pics I’ve seen.



Many people were on their way, some from the Reschenpass who parked their car in Nauders and got a shuttle booked bringing them back from Verona. And many racing bikes on the training for the Tour de France – or something familiar…



And I had a really good tasting apple juice freshly made from the local fields.

Finally after 65 km I reached Trento where I got my train up to the Lago di Caldonazzo – thanks to Martin who gave me that advice to cycle along that lake.
Before boarding I had time to have a short look to that interesting town – worth a visit.



It was a really pity I couldn’t have a look into the cathedral as there was a service going on…

Up to St. Cristoforo I found a small camping with Pizzeria (really good selection for vegetarians) and got to know to a german couple I had a great Dinner with in that restaurant.
Wonderful day, perfect ride, sunny day and nice people – I would call that holiday!



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