Let’s go to Ferrara and jump on the train in Bologna

(Cycling day 9/10 – 111,0/54,0 km)

Yesterday I left Mantova from the funny Agriturismo after we had the night before a long chat with other campers and the owner.
First it was a little bit difficult to find the way out of the town – but than I got my favourite signs…EuroVelo 7/8!




Really great countryside on the one side
of the dam – like a natural reservat.
But leaving the district of Mantova the signs with kilometers were gone…

So I past the last bridge and popped in the campingsite where Annemieke and her mother met again on their walking trip from the Netherlands to Rome.



So this morning we got the fourth traveller in the group and had breakfast in the sun – after the night was really rainy.


So Marjo got also a blog you could visit…

Marjo on the bike

And Annemieke writes about her trip on this site…

Annemieke on her walk to Rome

So than I left quite late the campingsite – usually we’d like to visit the town but the chat of three travellers was more interesting!
After getting some rain and again traffic I’m now sitting in the train to Florence passing by the Appenin.

Looking forward to discover the next big town – tomorrow there will be again a lazy day for this city – and than I will head to the western coast – hopefully with a little bit more sunshine.


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