Orbetello per pedes and the last camping night

Yesterday the original plan was to explore Pitigliano and the Saturnia Therme – and as the guy from the campingsite told me the rental company would pick me up just here…
So far – so good. The man came and took me to the rental about 13 km away.

But than came out that with a 50 ccm scooter this ride would be impossible as the machine couldn’t stand these mountains. I just have a driver licence for that and not for an 125 ccm.

So that very friendly lady told me that just over the street a bus would bring me home – probably…


So first I tried to hitchhike but no car stopped and I started to walk the first 4 km or so. Than there was a bus but just to the main junction. Here I decided to take lunch and after 45 min the bus would come for the next 6 km.
I was happy and had a nice meal – but than I found out that this service just runs in july and august.
A friendly lady took me to the camping and so this ‘interesting’ day ended up at the beach.


Today I’ve started a little bit early as I didn’t know what to expect – you’ll never know.
Well, bikemap.net showed a great sense of humour as they leaded me along a ‘cyclepath’ – I was so happy that it didn’t rain because these approximate 10 km wouldn’t be possible for me as there was just a sandy piste.


But finally after 90 km I’ve found a campingsite which is ‘nice’.
They don’t have drinkable water and you need a key to go the beach…and in the neighbourhood we’ve got a coal-fired powerplant ūüėÄ

But all in all this cycling day was great while having all the time sunshine Рso what would you expect more.  (WiFi would have been fantastic ;-))

So tomorrow I’m going to start the last cycling day and I look forward to explore Rome!


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