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Hot and cold – rolling down from Brennero

So this day was a really varied one…
I started in Innsbruck with a little bit of rain and took the train up to the Brennero pass.
As I exit the train I first took out my woollen cap, the rainclothes, the long underwear and long gloves – 5 C.



Cycling down the perfect prepared track it got a little bit warmer so I could leave a part of the warm stuff time by time.


Visiting Brixen and Clausen I’ve seen again great cultural sites and an outstanding countryside.



On my way I passed the Trostburg and an old bridge I’ve been before with some friends.



About 15 km before entering Bolzano there is a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere – but next to the cyclepath.
And – they serve the bavarian organic beer ‘Riedenburger’ – so let’s have a pint…


And here I got the options to dry my clothes – hurray!
So now the bike was rolling a bit faster and I have to say that this part of today’s track was the most impressive.


So after 101 km I reached my really nice and new youthhostel and enjoyed a little bit of the ancient town.


Part One: From Bavaria to Bologne

Wow – in a weeks time I´ll be sitting in a small B&B in Kiefersfelden next to the Austrian border…

This year I´m going to explore a new country by bike – Italy. I´ve been there several times -as a child in Lido di Jesolo, with my first car in Toscany around Florence, with friends to the Lago di Garda – but never by bicycle…

As I´ve started my planings around November I´ve been always thinking I could take the alps via Fern- and Reschenpass as there are two shuttle options for cyclists.
But – there are also some hills to climb – and this is not the best option with a recumbent and a trailer having around 35 kg…

So some days ago I´ve decided with the help of a good friend to make a complete new plan and booked new B&Bs or youth hostels along the new track – crossing the alps via Brennero.

Rolling down to Bolzano I´m going to use the Etschtal cycle path – wich is also the Via Claudia Augusta – to Trento.
Here I will climb (or use the train) to the Lago di Caldonazzo and find my way down to Mestre along the beautiful cycle path Valsungana. So I´d like to visit Venice.

Now back westwards Í´d like to see Verona where I haven´t been for a long time.
After having visited Ferrara this first Part will end in Bologne.

From Bavaria to Innsbruck along the river Inn

Part One: Bavaria to Innsbruck

Part Two: From Brennero to Bologne

Part Two: Brennero to Bologne