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Puccini and his hometown

(Lazy day in Lucca)

While having an unusual bright sun I’ve been visiting some of the churches and museums in Lucca.


Next to my youthhostel this church was the first after checking out the guided tour through the city in the afternoon.


In one of the churches you’ve got several floors in which they were built – beginning in the roman time, than medival and finally gothic style.

Now I went into the museum of the cathedral and the audioguide gave you so many expressions that made history come alive.


While eating out at the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro suddenly a guy felt on his knees and asked his girl of she would marry him…great!!!


So in the end of this cultural day I took the opportunity to join in an opera of Puccini in a church – this was an excellent end of the day.


Part Two: From Firenze to Rome

So here we´ve got the second part of the trip. After crossing some mountains by train from Bologne to Florence I´m going to explore the ancient town – after more than 10 years…

Leaving the city to the northwest visiting Prato and Pistoia I look forward to see the cultural highlights of Lucca and Pisa. Now as I´ve reached the Tyrrhenian Sea I´d like to enjoy the beach and go to Grosseto – also a town with marvellous historic scenery.

Making my basecamp in Orbetello I´d like to explore the nearby Monte Argentario.
Lending – hopefully – the famous Vespa the etruscan cities next to this place and the Terme di Sorrano will be visited. A stop in Pitigliano is also possible.

After those days I´m going to cycle along the coast as the inland countryside is not really suitable for a recumbent and a trailer – it´s a pity because at the start of my planing I´d like to visit the Lago di Bolsena. This is – according to some friends who cycled along this area – not possible.

So in the end there will be Rome – here I´ve got a hotel booked already for two nights and in the evening my CityNightLine train will bring me back to Germany.
Rome will be the cultural highlight – there are so many sights and museums to discover – I really look forward to this great city.

So now I´m really happy to have finisched my plans for this years journey – if you got any recommendations drop me a line!

Florence to Rome – Part Two of my trip