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Exploring Florence

(Lazy day 1 in Florence)

So as I could be happy to extend my stay in Florence I went to the tourist office at the station, got some good information and hoped on the bus to the Piazzale Michelangelo.
Here you’ve got the best view over the city – even with rain..


Next to this famous place you’ve got the small Gardino delle Rose and after your visit it’s just a few steps down to the ancient town.


Now you’ll reach the well known bridge – in the early days there sold butchers their food but because of the bag smelling the Medici decided to do it more vegetarian…today you get there all kind of jewellery.


As I had enough time for another museum till I got my entrance time for the Uffizies I went to the Museo Nazionale del Bargello where you find on two floors the not so well known arts.

But now let’s jump into the line – or pass it when payed extra fee…




After that impressive day I was walking around the city enjoying an toscanian burger – and than let’s go home to the pool – but not jump in as it’s too cold…