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Walking on the old streets of Rome 

Thursday – friday, 06/17-18/2016

Oh boy…I’m already 3 weeks back home, made already another small cycling tour here in the alps but didn’t manage to tell you about the last two days in the capital…shame on me!

After having a non-italian breakfast with muesli, cheese and all kinds of jam I started my exploring day traditionally at the colosseum with the ‘Rome pass’ – you can visit two museums for free, take all public transport for three days and get some discount at the rest of the museums.

To see the unbelievable mechanical knowledge of this early time it’s marvellous to walk through – of course with so many other tourists. The very crucial games were free for  citizens – but they had to get a ticket. Only with this you were allowed to enter the colosseum through the 81 entries so it was very well organised.

There were different games – with wild animals, gladiators or slaves. It is not clear if  Christians were also send into the arena… The gladiators were very well trained through out the year and had to fight about 2 times a year. They were highly accepted by the people. But they could decide whether to be killed or let be alive when they were lying on the ground.

The next highlight was the Forum Romanum with its ruins and main streets which were built through the whole empire.

I was visiting this huge area for several hours and stepped into the ancient town again where I find the tents of Medicines Sans Frontières – but this story I’ve told you already.

On my last day the Vaticano was on the list so I took the metro – and now I knew why people recommend you not to take it after 10 pm…very dark and old, not the place to be at this time.

I took a guided tour and jumped the cue into the Museum of Vaticano after having a closer look to the St. Peters Place with our guide.

Finally we entered the museum which was really crowded – but there you can find all the treasures of the Catholic Church.

Especially the last picture made in the Basilica was so impressive – with the knowledge of standing in the biggest Catholic Church in the world.

After leaving this last highlight I tried to enter the german cemetery – you have to great and ask for admission the Swiss Army – in german! But unfortunately this is only open to the public in the morning.

Finally it came the time to say goodbye to the italian capitol and take the last night train to my home – Bavaria.

After more than 140 years the Deutsche Bahn AG decided in 2014 to end with the City Night Train from Munich to Paris and Copenhagen to Basel – now it seems to be clear to end the complete European Night Train Services by the end of this year…unbelievable!

Keep yourself informed on http://www.nachtzug-bleibt.eu/english/?mobile=1

After 3 border controls with always more than friendly police officers in the middle of the night I arrived with only a little sleep at my destination…and was accompanied by wonderful sun as there were the last weeks most of the time just clouds and rain in Bavaria.

What a wonderful trip these 4 weeks were – I met so many kind and friendly people, discovered the first time Italy by bike which was absolutely outstanding.

So thank you for following me on this trip and helping Doctors without borders to help people in need!


Let’s go to Rome

Wednesday, 15.06.2016

So the morning was a little bit different to the others as I thought to myself # just check again the road recommended by bikemap.net.
And I did well to do so as they would send me again more than twice to the very busy SS1.
So I said to myself – let’s go to Civitavechia which was about 13 km and take the train as there were no alternatives.


So I arrived in Roma Termini by train in 1 1/2 h and was happy to be able to get my room.

The view from my room - but party till 1 pm...

I went through this huge city to meet my german friends from Munich who recommended my the ‘Illuminates Tour’ visiting the interesting places of the book and film which you’ve seen perhaps already.


We began our tour at the obelisk at the Piazza del Popolo and crossed the whole city by foot and black taxi – haven’t had this before!

Fontana di Trevi


Than we entered the Vaticano and had some explanations about the difference between the film and the real place. Here you can find 12 angels and in the film there is just one showing the policeman where to go on with his search of the murder.

We’ve also seen some of the guards of the Swiss Army and on friday I’d like to enter the german cemetery.



Finally we went to the Castel Sant’Angelo where you’ve got many tales and a perfect view over the river Tiber.
Afterwards we went out to eat and found a cool place where Daniel got a huge salad of fish…

So this was the first day of Rome at a sunny day enjoying so many places with a great tourguide.

Part Two: From Firenze to Rome

So here we´ve got the second part of the trip. After crossing some mountains by train from Bologne to Florence I´m going to explore the ancient town – after more than 10 years…

Leaving the city to the northwest visiting Prato and Pistoia I look forward to see the cultural highlights of Lucca and Pisa. Now as I´ve reached the Tyrrhenian Sea I´d like to enjoy the beach and go to Grosseto – also a town with marvellous historic scenery.

Making my basecamp in Orbetello I´d like to explore the nearby Monte Argentario.
Lending – hopefully – the famous Vespa the etruscan cities next to this place and the Terme di Sorrano will be visited. A stop in Pitigliano is also possible.

After those days I´m going to cycle along the coast as the inland countryside is not really suitable for a recumbent and a trailer – it´s a pity because at the start of my planing I´d like to visit the Lago di Bolsena. This is – according to some friends who cycled along this area – not possible.

So in the end there will be Rome – here I´ve got a hotel booked already for two nights and in the evening my CityNightLine train will bring me back to Germany.
Rome will be the cultural highlight – there are so many sights and museums to discover – I really look forward to this great city.

So now I´m really happy to have finisched my plans for this years journey – if you got any recommendations drop me a line!

Florence to Rome – Part Two of my trip




Counting down – 3 weeks to leave Bavaria

I can´t believe it – in only 3 weeks time I´m going to leave my hometown heading towards Rome.

This time I´m going to start my trip right at my home cycling along the wellknown Chiemsee and fall asleep in Bad Tölz and Füssen..
Here – where the famous castle Neuschwanstein is located – I´m going to take my first bikeshuttle over the Fernpass and the Reschenpass.
Using the old roman “street” called Via Claugia Augusta the city of Meran will be passed and I´ll use the Etschtal cyclepath wich is also very famous.
The Lago di Garda will be missed as I´m going to use the “pista ciclabile” above the valley of that lake.

Visiting Verona I will have a nice roll-down to Bologna having a closer look to that marvellous city. Here I´ll take the last shuttle – this time the train – to Florence.

I´d like to spend 2 nights or so here as there are already gone more than 10 years after my last visit – and this town is a highlight for sure!
Leaving the ancient town westwards along the river Arno I´d like to visit Vinci, Lucca and
Now I´ve reached to west coast of Italy and this will be more relaxing as there are many options to lay down in my hammock enjoying the sunset.

Finally I will visit Piombino, Orbetello and the hot springs of Saturnia. The Lago di Bolsena will be the last option to have a bath enjoying a campingsite as I´m know heading towards
Rome. Here I´ve booked already 2 nights and after exploring the first time this outstanding city I´m going to take the nighttrain back to Germany.

Looking forward to this great journey – if you got any ideas what to visit – just let me know!

Rome - the forum
Rome – the forum