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Following refugees from South Sudan and Syria by ‘Doctors without borders’

Thursday, 06/16/2016


imageToday I found myself in a huge city and was really happy to have Google maps offline…

On a square in the middle of the town some big white tents were put up from the organisation I collect donations for on this blog and I started to talk with the people of ‘Medicins Sans Frontières’. Most of them had been already to some of the hotspots of their work like Lesbos or Macedonia.


In these tents usually used as portable hospitals you could first inform yourself about the situation in South Sudan and Syria.





Finally you’ve entered the last tent where you could accompany those refugees on their way to Europe under catastrophic circumstances with augmented reality.

Find out more about this campaign…

Milionidipassi-experience by MSF.it

If you also would like to support this independent organisation – have a look to my german site.

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