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Camping in the rain…

(Cycling day 8)


Today was a tricky riding day – always accompanied by dark clouds which empty themselves while I took a shower.

But let’s start in the beginning…as I checked out a nice hostel in Firenze I left my B & B in Verona only at ten.
I cycled through the ancient town and found the signs for different cyclepaths which I were looking for – so far, so good.
But the problem was that I hadn’t have a gpx track and also not a map with a good scale. So – as you will think already – the signs couldn’t be found after some corners so I had to improvise…

Usually no problem but so I get to know to the lorry junction of Verona – and believe me this was no fun.
After a few kilometres another cyclepath sign came up again – but wasn’t seen again…So finally I was so lucky to find Giovanni in Sommacampagna – and he was so friendly to show me the way by car – so I had a trace-vehicle.
Thanks again to Giovanni – you’ve helped me a lot



So I came down on a silent road to Salionze and followed the signs…but guess, what’s happened – I was again on a big street where lorries pass you by.

So I came into the famous town of Borghetto with its old buildings and a castle up in Vialeggio Sul Mincio with a great garden – but I just visited Borghetto which is famous for the old mills – and now there are about 10 restaurants – and on the small bridges there are like in Paris at the Pont Neuf lockers from loving couples who throw the key away to prove their lo



So going on to follow the river Mincio that water became after about 10 km a canal – and so I reached the north of Mantua in a small Agriturismo with campin



A couple from Austria with a offroad camper were next to me and we had a good chat with the owner of the site in english, italian – and german!

And while having a shower it started to rain do I was very happy to have a big tree with table next to my tent where I could cook my risotto.

So tomorrow I’d like to go to Ferrara and than to Bologna taking the train to Florence. So hopefully the weather is okay – the forecast says – no! (as the last days)